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Made by DIECAST! Matchlocks Mascot toys

5 types in total

Pursued the feeling of the texture and weight of the matchlocks thoroughly.
Realistic specifications with the barrel manufactured using die casting, and the wood grain painted on the body.

Pedestals are connectable in a vertical direction!
If you collect several items, you can display them all at once!!

Number of types
Target age range
16 years old and more
JP¥500 per play

Made by DIECAST! Matchlocks Mascot toys

【Assembly Type】
【Adhesive bonding is required】
Some of the metal parts need to be assembled by inserting and, adhesive bonding is required.
Due to the texture of the material, the fitting of bonded metal parts may be a little loose. However, it is not the defect of the product.
Kindly, apply multi purpose adhesive(Clear for Metals) to attach firmly when assembling.
If you use an instant adhesive or adhesive other than multi purpose adhesive(Clear for Metals), the bonded surfaces might turn to milky white. Therefore, please do not use them.
Please hold the bonded parts in place until the adhesive dries.
Please kindly understand that damages caused by the bonding process will not be covered by the warranty.
These products are shaped like guns. Therefore, please do not strike or stab other people or animals. It could be very dangerous.
Please kindly note that our company will not be liable for any injury or troubles caused by using the products, and no compensation will be given.
*Some products sold in capsules may be different from what you see on the photo.
Precautions: Please read carefully before use.
■Do not give the product to children under the target age. The product comes with small parts, and there is a risk of accidental ingestion and suffocation.
■As it may become a cause of deformation and a cause of a fire, do not use nor store the product under high/low temperatures, high humidity, near the fire, under direct sunlight, and in places where there is a lot of dust. Also, avoid sudden temperature changes.
■Do not handle the product roughly. For example, do not disassemble the product, throw, or drop the product from high places. Do not apply excessive force to the product and do not place heavy objects on the product as it may damage the product, cause a deformation, or result in physical injury.
■The product must be disposed in accordance with the regulations of your local authority.
■We are not responsible for any accidents, injuries, product damage or other property damage caused in relation to using this product, so please use the product safely at your own risk.
■Please do not put this product directly on a sofa or sheet made of plastic, plastic tiles or shelves. Prolonged direct contact with the product might cause color staining.
  • San-monme-dama(11.3g bullet) Matchlock Approx. 125mm
    Winning rate 20.00%
  • Hachi-monme-dama(30g bullet)Ban-zutsu Matchlock Approx. 90mm
    Winning rate 20.00%
  • Hyaku-monme-dama(375g bullet) O-zutsu Matchlock Approx. 80mm
    Winning rate 20.00%
  • Ni-monme-dama(7.5g bullet)Eight-Barreled Matchlock Approx. 80mm
    Winning rate 20.00%
  • Hachi-monme-dama(30g bullet)Bajo-zutsu Matchlock Approx. 55mm
    Winning rate 20.00%
Steel, ABS
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