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Movable! Made by DIECAST! Retro style children tricycle Nostalgic Version

5 types in total

Handlebars move. If you push the pedals forward and the wheels rotate.

Number of types
Target age range
16 years old and more
JP¥500 per play

Movable! Made by DIECAST! Retro style children tricycle Nostalgic Version

【Assembly Type】
* This product requires assembly. Kindly note that a Phillips screwdriver is required.
We are sorry about the inconvenience, but kindly provide the tools on your own.
*There are some scratches on the insert parts. The scratches were made at the time of assembly inspection. The scratches will not be shown after assembly is completed. So kindly understand that those scratches are not defects.
*The stickers are supposed to be placed by customers.
*Please peel off the stickers slowly. If you rub the printed part too strong, the printed images might come off.
* The photo represents the sample products. Some products sold in capsules may be different from what you see on the photo. We do not accept returns nor make refunds for the products even if the products you received are slightly different from what you see on the photo.
Precautions: Please read carefully before use.
■Do not give the product to children under the target age. The product comes with small parts, and there is a risk of accidental ingestion and suffocation.
■As it may become a cause of deformation and a cause of a fire, do not use nor store the product under high/low temperatures, high humidity, near the fire, under direct sunlight, and in places where there is a lot of dust. Also, avoid sudden temperature changes.
■Do not handle the product roughly. For example, do not disassemble the product, throw, or drop the product from high places. Do not apply excessive force to the product and do not place heavy objects on the product as it may damage the product, cause a deformation, or result in physical injury.
■The product must be disposed in accordance with the regulations of your local authority.
■We are not responsible for any accidents, injuries, product damage or other property damage caused in relation to using the product, so please use the product safely at your own risk.
■Please do not put this product directly on a sofa or sheet made of plastic, plastic tiles or shelves. Prolonged direct contact with the product might cause color staining.
  • Orange & White
    Winning rate 20.00%
  • Light blue & White
    Winning rate 20.00%
  • Green & Red
    Winning rate 20.00%
  • Purple & Orange
    Winning rate 20.00%
  • Pink & White
    Winning rate 20.00%
Steel, ABS, Non-phthalate PVC
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